Leed: certification that promotes sustainable change

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Leed: certification that promotes sustainable change

In these times of climate change, the environment is not only a trending issue, it’s an urgency that transcends all aspects of life. Whether it comes to what you eat or how you get around, being mindful of a collective world has an impact on our decisions. Thankfully, the real estate sector is following suit by promoting the construction of sustainable housing.

World-renowned certification
Available in approximately 160 countries, LEED certification is awarded to real estate projects that adhere to the highest environmental standards, reaching far beyond mandatory building standards.

From the design to the proximity to public transit, materials to resources, each decision and each action is taken into account to measure the ecological value of the housing units.

A small step for the planet, a giant leap in comfort

Each LEED-certified unit can consume up to half as much water as standard buildings. It can also produce a significantly lower amount of harmful emissions, such as volatile organic compounds (OVC), and promote the use of eco-friendly materials. This type of construction, like our Kaïa project, also offers the following:

  • Greater sustainability
  • Energy savings of up to 30%
  • Up to two times lower water consumption
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Increased resale value (approximately 8% higher sales price and shorter selling time than other units or businesses)


By purchasing or renting a LEED-certified housing unit, you are making a positive contribution to our planet, without compromising comfort. To learn more or for details about our Kaïa project, visit our website.

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